Contxita was born in a small village of the Pyrenees Mountains. At the age of seven, Contxita and her family lost their house in a fire. The family then moved to the countryside of the city of Lleida. In her twenties, she fell in love with Andreu, a farmer from the same city. After a few years of dating, they got married and moved in with Andreu’s family. Shortly thereafter, her mother-in-law started to abuse her and consequently, Contxita developed schizophrenia. After years of treatment and several hospitalizations in a psychiatric center, Contxita found peace through her faith in God.

Contxita’s mother-in-law passed away on June, 23rd 2011, the night that Contxita turned 68 years old. 


The following photographs are being taken while visiting my parents on their farm. This series is in honor of Contxita’s inner strength and unconditional loyalty to her family. 

(to my mother, my life inspiration)


*Some of the images have been cropped.